Crane Operation

Pedestal Crane

Crane Operators
Gulf Crane Services employs a large team of API-U 2D latest edition Class A trained and certified Crane Operators. Training consists of classroom instruction and hands on skills acknowledgement. Consider Gulf Crane Services for all of your third-party crane operations. Experienced in all areas of production, construction, well intervention, and P&A projects. GCS Crane Operators are highly knowledgeable in preforming Static, Dynamic, Blind and Personnel lifts. Experienced in proper rigging, sling selection, lifting capacities of various loads and able to read/use load charts, proper hand signals, write/perform lifting plans, complete pre-use inspections and make minor repairs or adjustments. For mechanical issues needing Crane mechanics they can be provided as well.

Pedestal Crane Mechanics / Inspectors

GCS has a large workforce of API-U 2D latest edition trained and certified Crane Mechanic/Inspectors to respond to your needs. The combined experience exceeds 350 years’ in the Oil & Gas industry. GCS continually trains these technicians keeping them informed of changes and required training. GCS provides callout Mechanics, hitch Mechanics and overhead hoist technicians. They service, portside cranes, barge cranes, refineries, tank farms, vessels and offshore platform cranes. Well educated on the majority of pedestal cranes and trained in all major components of these cranes. Mechanics also operate cranes for verification of the service work performed. If you need minor adjustments, inspections, component replacement or a complete refurbishment, overhaul, or replacement, Gulf Crane Services is your first stop for all your needs.